Kränzle High Pressure Cleaner:

A major reason for the success of Kränzle products is the great importance attached to the in-house research and development department. State-of-the-art CAD systems help to significantly shorten development cycles, much improve product quality and to optimise production processes.

The heart of each high pressure cleaner is the high pressure pump. The pump heads are made completely of forged brass so as to ensure top quality and a long service life. All pumps are made on CNC machining centres with electronic control systems to ensure maximum precision and compliance to specifications.

Modern facilities guarantee uncompromisingly high Kränzle quality standards during the final assembly phase. Each product is put through an exhaustive function test prior to leaving the factory.

Kranzle High Pressure Cleaner

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Kranzle Hot & Cold High Pressure Cleaner

High Pressure Cleaner

Kränzle Hot & Cold water high pressure cleaner. All it takes is an intelligent design concept to combine the complex drive, pump and safety features of a HD high pressure cleaner with the well proven combustion chamber from the large Kränzle-therm series...

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Kranzle High Pressure Cleaner with petrol engine

Petrol Engine Cleaner

Detergent injector as accessories for Kränzle cleaners with petrol engine for sucking up liquid detergents, including a package of CARCLIN (powdery cleaner for outdoor use)...

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Kranzle Power Sweeper

Kranzle Power Sweeper

The Kränzle 2+2 universal sweeper has a working width of 800mm. Its performance is 3,000 m per hour. Its double brush-roller principle guarantees the best possible cleaning...

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Kranzle Vacuum Cleaner

Kranzle Vacuum Cleaner

The new cutting-edge construction principle maximises the available space for vacuuming tasks using a filter bag. The filter bag itself can take up much more space inside the container compared to filter bags of similar appliances...

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Kränzle high pressure cleaners are first-class in cleaning services. Kränzle are distinguished by their extraordinarily high quality, extremely modern design, long service life and economic efficiency in water and energy saving with maximum cleaning effect.

Our after sales support provides full maintenance and repair of your equipment ensure peace of mind and makes Kränzle the preferred brand in industrial cleaning equipment.

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KRANZLE SALES & SERVICES is the sole distributor for the Kränzle range of high pressure cleaners, industrial vacuum cleaners and power sweepers in Malaysia.

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